How Culturally Savvy is your Business?

General Motors[1] had a perplexing problem when they introduced the Chevy Nova in South America. Despite their best efforts, they weren’t selling many cars. They finally realized that in [...]

Mapping the Cultural Ground

Intercultural communication takes place when people from different cultures interact together. Culture is learned, shared and acquired; it is not biologically transmitted, but socially [...]

Managing Mindz

  Having launched two companies and worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes over the last 35 years, it is clear to me that corporate cultures can vary wildly. Those who consider [...]

Pressure and Stress in the Workplace; a vital distinction

Trying to distinguish workplace stress from the pressures of work  can be a little stressful. Some people say that a certain amount of stress is a necessary, as without it we would lack the [...]

Capability and Confidence

Given Learning is a Process, Not an Event All work-based learning involves acquiring new knowledge, understanding and skills.  Capability refers to the ability to  consistently combine and apply [...]

Blindingly Obvious

It’s only logical… We perform better at work when we feel well i.e.  Have more energy, think more clearly therefore are more productive. We are even more likely to be engaged in our work and [...]

Two Key Ingredients

True collaboration is more a way of working together than a formal business structure. Upon doing some research, one article really grabbed my attention: “True Collaboration Is a Partnership: Six [...]

Small is Beautiful (when it comes to collaboration)

When it comes to working together, the collaborative approach lends itself particularly well to small-scale partnerships of two, three or possibly more… Whatever the number, the key is that all [...]

Successful Collaboration

Sole trading can be a lonely gig, and the opportunity to collaborate with other independent trainers and consultants is always a welcome one. Having said that, not every attempt we have made to [...]

True Collaborations (the very idea…)

More than just “working together”   Expecting to reap the benefit from a collaboration just because we are drawn to the notion that “two minds are better than one” is wishful thinking. If it were [...]

In Pursuit of the Collaborative Advantage

  The benefits of effective collaboration are well recognised. The maxim “two minds are better than one” illustrates the commonly-held view that combining forces, resources, knowledge and [...]

Workplace Mental Health, part 1

Managing Mental Health at Work is a brand new, CPD-Certified one-day course, and the product of a fruitful collaboration with Catherine Eadie, MHScot Workplace Wellbeing CIC. The course is aimed [...]

Relationships for Effective Leadership

When Tony and I met on the Coaching Course at Newcastle Business School in 2011/12 we found a number of things in common – so when it came to having a conversation about a possible collaboration [...]

CPD-Certified two-day Introduction to Facilitation Skills Course…

Introduction to Facilitation Skills is a newly CPD-Certified two-day course, and the product of a true collaboration in its conception, development and design between Jo Huband, an independent [...]

Explorers, Tourists and Prisoners.

I’m fairly sure you will have encountered the less than motivated participant in a group setting, somewhere, sometime. You may even have been that person at some point? I know that I have, [...]

Motivation to Learn.

I signed off the last blog post with the intention of returning to Malcolm Knowles’ 5 assumptions about adult learners and one in particular; the proposition that the motivation to learn is [...]

The Adult Learner

Last week’s post ended with an intention to return to 5 key Assumptions that underpinned Malcolm Knowles’ work on the distinctive needs of adult learners. So here goes…   The first two [...]

The Principles of Adult Learning.

Having spent the past few months blogging on various learning styles models, it feels time to take a wee step back and look at the fundamentals of Adult Learning, and for very good reason… Adult [...]

Creativity and Learning

Picking up on my last post… Across the public sector, in the professions, and in business “creativity” and “innovation” are buzz words of the day, and barely one passes without some new article [...]

Creativity and Learning.

I mentioned when rounding off the Learning Styles and Preferences Series that I wanted to write a bit of a postscript about the role of Creativity in Learning. But I have few further thoughts [...]

Learning Styles; closing thoughts.

This is the last of 16 posts on the subject of learning styles and preferences. We have covered lots of ground, and several models in the process; the image below highlighting but a few… The [...]

Staying Ahead of the Game!

One thing I picked up early on as a freelancer was the need to keep developing and improving, as Resting on Laurels doesn’t cut it for very long in the freelance world. Fortunately, the need to [...]


I embarked on a new venture when I set up Changing Mindz, leaving behind the relative security of paid employment, and becoming a freelance trainer. In some ways it seems only yesterday, in [...]

SAVI Learning Styles

Accelerated Learning (AL) is grounded in the view that Adults Learn Far More from active participation in learner-centred, brain-friendly learning than they do from traditional, instructor-led [...]

Memletics model

I was introduced to the MEMLETICS model on the Certificate in Training Practice course, back in 2009. The model proposes Seven Learning Styles, which are; Visual (aka spatial): pictures, images [...]

Intelligence Comes in Many Forms …

I did not do well at school. I left in the summer of 1976 feeling a “failure” at age 15. Like lots of kids, the chalk n’ talk, cram for exam methods didn’t go so well for me. Teachers even took [...]

Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle…

In my last post I signed off with the promise I would return to “unpick” David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle. So here goes…  I was introduced to Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle on a Train [...]

CPD accredited blended learning programme

We are delighted to announce the launch of our very first CPD accredited blended learning programme….  Learning and Development Skills for Professionals is designed for Professionals who have a [...]

Learning Styles and the Experiential Learning Cycle

I first came across Honey and Mumford’s Learning Styles (Activists, Reflectors, Theorists & Pragmatists) in the early 1990s. This was as a training participant, and quite some time before I [...]

Learning and Development Skills for Professional People

Capability-building, Confidence-boosting Blended Learning Programme Learning and Development Skills for Professional People is a CPD Accredited (Continuing Professional Development) [...]

2016, Just Around the Corner

So here we are, the festive season is truly upon us. As it happens, we are busy up-to-the-wire at Changing Mindz, preparing for 2016 (although as you can see our cat-napping administrator has [...]

Training, Facilitation and Coaching Skills for Professionals

It wasn’t so very long ago that training, facilitation and coaching (each being a discipline in its own right) skills were seen to be the preserve of specialists. But the times they are changing [...]


Theorists are most at home with subject matter they deem to be credible (therefore well-referenced or grounded), and that can be measured (quantified or qualified) in some way. They may want to [...]

Jings, crivvens, help ma’ Boab (aka Goodness, Gracious Me!)

As the year draws towards its end, I’ve been looking back over the past few months… It really has been a busy time. Not that I am complaining. I appreciate the opportunities I am given and the [...]

Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic (VAK)

According to Alan Chapman* “VAK theory is now a favourite of the accelerated learning community because its principles and benefits extend to all types of learning and development, far beyond its [...]

Do you lean to the Left or the Right?

Left Brain types tend to think first (head), are logical, rational, objective and analytical, structured in approach Right Brain types tend to feel first (heart), are intuitive, subjective, [...]

Learning to Learn Best

     Helping adults to understand how they learn best is one of the greatest gifts we can offer; particularly where previous educational or training experiences have been poor and/or personal [...]

Working Well Together (in pursuit of the collaborative advantage, part 3))

Collaborative partnerships require certain ingredients blended-well together if the potential of the advantage is to be realised. We are not talking about large and complex organisational [...]

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