Open-minded and enthusiastic about anything new, Activists are always ready to “give it a go”. They may well be the first to step up and volunteer, and you will certainly find them at the heart [...]

Honey and Mumfords’ Learning Styles

I have been making use of Honey and Mumford’s learning styles (different ways in which people prefer to learn) for years now. The model proposes that there are four distinct learning styles; [...]

Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic (VAK)

According to Alan Chapman* “VAK theory is now a favourite of the accelerated learning community because its principles and benefits extend to all types of learning and development, far beyond its [...]

Do you lean to the Left or the Right?

Left Brain types tend to think first (head), are logical, rational, objective and analytical, structured in approach Right Brain types tend to feel first (heart), are intuitive, subjective, [...]

Learning to Learn Best

     Helping adults to understand how they learn best is one of the greatest gifts we can offer; particularly where previous educational or training experiences have been poor and/or personal [...]