2016, Just Around the Corner

So here we are, the festive season is truly upon us. As it happens, we are busy up-to-the-wire at Changing Mindz, preparing for 2016 (although as you can see our cat-napping administrator has [...]

Training, Facilitation and Coaching Skills for Professionals

It wasn’t so very long ago that training, facilitation and coaching (each being a discipline in its own right) skills were seen to be the preserve of specialists. But the times they are changing [...]


Theorists are most at home with subject matter they deem to be credible (therefore well-referenced or grounded), and that can be measured (quantified or qualified) in some way. They may want to [...]

Jings, crivvens, help ma’ Boab (aka Goodness, Gracious Me!)

As the year draws towards its end, I’ve been looking back over the past few months… It really has been a busy time. Not that I am complaining. I appreciate the opportunities I am given and the [...]


Thoughtful, considered people in groups, Reflectors are most unlikely to be the first contributors as they tend to favour a low profile, particularly in the early stages of any discussion or [...]


Essentially practical, down to earth people, Pragmatists like creative methods (if they can make them work) of solving problems and making decisions. At their happiest experimenting with some new [...]