The Principles of Adult Learning.

Having spent the past few months blogging on various learning styles models, it feels time to take a wee step back and look at the fundamentals of Adult Learning, and for very good reason… Adult [...]

Creativity and Learning

Picking up on my last post… Across the public sector, in the professions, and in business “creativity” and “innovation” are buzz words of the day, and barely one passes without some new article [...]

Creativity and Learning.

I mentioned when rounding off the Learning Styles and Preferences Series that I wanted to write a bit of a postscript about the role of Creativity in Learning. But I have few further thoughts [...]

Learning Styles; closing thoughts.

This is the last of 16 posts on the subject of learning styles and preferences. We have covered lots of ground, and several models in the process; the image below highlighting but a few… The [...]

Staying Ahead of the Game!

One thing I picked up early on as a freelancer was the need to keep developing and improving, as Resting on Laurels doesn’t cut it for very long in the freelance world. Fortunately, the need to [...]