Given Learning is a Process, Not an Event

All work-based learning involves acquiring new knowledge, understanding and skills.  Capability refers to the ability to  consistently combine and apply these to a certain level or standard.

Achieving  consistency goes beyond simply acquiring new knowledge. It involves  integrating what we have learned into our practice.

Consistency doesn’t come Gift-Wrapped…

Simple skills may be easy enough to master.  But where there is some complexity or  we are having to “unlearn” previous ways of doing something,  gaining consistency of practice to a certain standard, may take quite some time.

And then there’s Confidence… 

There are people whose confidence seems firmly rooted in an acceptance of, and comfort with, who they are.

Such individuals recognise their strengths AND imperfections. They feel able to try new things out, make mistakes (possibly even looking foolish doing so) and recognise this as a natural consequence of learning.  They may have “bad days”, but as they retain a realistic self-image, their overall feeling of capability and confidence remain unshaken (at least to others).

Yet for many of us, confidence is a fickle friend when it comes to learning something new, particularly if this involves having to “unlearn” previous ways of doing things. At such times, confidence in our abilities inevitably take a dip.

Resistance to learning and change comes in many forms. (Look out for our Resistance Blog!) Perhaps we are suspicious of our employer’s motives, believe the changes will have a negative consequence, feel unconvinced by the merits of the change, or daunted by the sheer scale of the task.

But sometimes resistance comes from a lack of confidence in our own ability to adapt or change. By definition, learning involves accepting some degree of uncertainty.   This is not such an issue for the confident, give-it-a-go types, yet for those of us whose confidence is less robust, adaptation and change can be challenging.


As a consultancy, there are several tailored training and learning opportunities we can offer for the workplace. Extended learning programmes designed by us, aim to:

  • identify needs and strengths, tailor the programme
  • build knowledge, skills and confidence 
  • encourage, support and guide participants to go the extra mile
  • knowing it can make a big difference…


Learners, the ball’s in your court.  


Edited by Sahara Choudhury

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