Two Key Ingredients

True collaboration is more a way of working together than a formal business structure. Upon doing some research, one article really grabbed my attention: “True Collaboration Is a Partnership: Six [...]

Small is Beautiful (when it comes to collaboration)

When it comes to working together, the collaborative approach lends itself particularly well to small-scale partnerships of two, three or possibly more… Whatever the number, the key is that all [...]

Successful Collaboration

Sole trading can be a lonely gig, and the opportunity to collaborate with other independent trainers and consultants is always a welcome one. Having said that, not every attempt we have made to [...]

Working Well Together (in pursuit of the collaborative advantage, part 3))

Collaborative partnerships require certain ingredients blended-well together if the potential of the advantage is to be realised. We are not talking about large and complex organisational [...]

True Collaborations (the very idea…)

More than just “working together”   Expecting to reap the benefit from a collaboration just because we are drawn to the notion that “two minds are better than one” is wishful thinking. If it were [...]

In Pursuit of the Collaborative Advantage

  The benefits of effective collaboration are well recognised. The maxim “two minds are better than one” illustrates the commonly-held view that combining forces, resources, knowledge and [...]