Explorers, Tourists and Prisoners.

I’m fairly sure you will have encountered the less than motivated participant in a group setting, somewhere, sometime. You may even have been that person at some point? I know that I have, [...]

Motivation to Learn.

I signed off the last blog post with the intention of returning to Malcolm Knowles’ 5 assumptions about adult learners and one in particular; the proposition that the motivation to learn is [...]

The Adult Learner

Last week’s post ended with an intention to return to 5 key Assumptions that underpinned Malcolm Knowles’ work on the distinctive needs of adult learners. So here goes…   The first two [...]

The Principles of Adult Learning.

Having spent the past few months blogging on various learning styles models, it feels time to take a wee step back and look at the fundamentals of Adult Learning, and for very good reason… Adult [...]

Creativity and Learning

Picking up on my last post… Across the public sector, in the professions, and in business “creativity” and “innovation” are buzz words of the day, and barely one passes without some new article [...]

Creativity and Learning.

I mentioned when rounding off the Learning Styles and Preferences Series that I wanted to write a bit of a postscript about the role of Creativity in Learning. But I have few further thoughts [...]

Learning Styles; closing thoughts.

This is the last of 16 posts on the subject of learning styles and preferences. We have covered lots of ground, and several models in the process; the image below highlighting but a few… The [...]

SAVI Learning Styles

Accelerated Learning (AL) is grounded in the view that Adults Learn Far More from active participation in learner-centred, brain-friendly learning than they do from traditional, instructor-led [...]

Memletics model

I was introduced to the MEMLETICS model on the Certificate in Training Practice course, back in 2009. The model proposes Seven Learning Styles, which are; Visual (aka spatial): pictures, images [...]

Intelligence Comes in Many Forms …

I did not do well at school. I left in the summer of 1976 feeling a “failure” at age 15. Like lots of kids, the chalk n’ talk, cram for exam methods didn’t go so well for me. Teachers even took [...]

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