Managing Mindz

  Having launched two companies and worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes over the last 35 years, it is clear to me that corporate cultures can vary wildly. Those who consider [...]

Pressure and Stress in the Workplace; a vital distinction

Trying to distinguish workplace stress from the pressures of work  can be a little stressful. Some people say that a certain amount of stress is a necessary, as without it we would lack the [...]

Capability and Confidence

Given Learning is a Process, Not an Event All work-based learning involves acquiring new knowledge, understanding and skills.  Capability refers to the ability to  consistently combine and apply [...]

Blindingly Obvious

It’s only logical… We perform better at work when we feel well i.e.  Have more energy, think more clearly therefore are more productive. We are even more likely to be engaged in our work and [...]

Workplace Mental Health, part 1

Managing Mental Health at Work is a brand new, CPD-Certified one-day course, and the product of a fruitful collaboration with Catherine Eadie, MHScot Workplace Wellbeing CIC. The course is aimed [...]