Introduction to Facilitation Skills is a newly CPD-Certified two-day course, and the product of a true collaboration in its conception, development and design between Jo Huband, an independent trainer, facilitator and consultant, and Tony Stevenson, owner of Changing Mindz.



We both embarked on our facilitator journeys quite some time ago, and bring many years of practice experience, in quite different contexts and settings, to the table.

We have had our “successes”, and been privileged to witness the power of performing groups at their very best; engaged and inclusive, focused and productive, which being more than the sum of their parts, provides for a collaborative edge.

Contrasting these times with our not-so-successful experiences (yes, we’ve have been there, as participants and facilitators!) we know fine well the difference that effective facilitation makes to both the experience of the group AND the quality of the outcomes

You may have experienced the difference yourself?

 More a creative Art than a scientific formula, facilitation involves making it easier for people to work, learn and collaborate together.

As facilitators, we listen and observe, review and reflect to improve our knowledge, skills and practices over time. And as every group is truly different, and every participant we meet a unique individual, the process of learning and growing as a facilitator never ends.

Having the skills and the confidence to engage and guide a group through the process of  coming together and forming through to performing and producing through collaborative effort, is not only a valuable addition to any professionals toolkit, it’s a pretty nifty bundle of skills for life itself.

And here’s the thing.

We have two open courses coming up very soon, one in Edinburgh, the other in Dundee.

Introduction to Facilitation Skills – Edinburgh Wed 21 & Thu 22 September

Trainers; Tony Stevenson & Jo Huband

Venue; the Grassmarket Community Project, Edinburgh EH1 2QA

Introduction to Facilitation SkillsDundee Tue 29 & Wed 30 Nov 2016

Trainers; Tony Stevenson and Sue Spencer

Venue; Apex City Quay Hotel and Spa, Dundee DD1 3JP

Further course information, details of the extended programme of learning and support we offer, and booking instructions can all be found on Changing Mindz’ website. Click here for details 

Introduction to Facilitation Skills is also available as an in-house solution that can be commissioned and tailored to context and setting. If you would like to know more, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

And we will be sharing more about the collaboration process, and the content of the Introduction to Facilitation Skills course, in a short series of blogs to follow.

Best wishes

Tony Stevenson and Jo Huband

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