• Left Brain types tend to think first (head), are logical, rational, objective and analytical, structured in approach
  • Right Brain types tend to feel first (heart), are intuitive, subjective, creative, unstructured in approach

I read an article in the Guardian newspaper a couple of years back that the notion of left and right sides of the human brain having specific functions is a “myth”. That may well be so.

However, the two “types” seem instantly recognisable (or is it just me?).

Sure, most of us will see elements of both that we might claim, but in my experience there are some individuals who demonstrate a very strong leaning to one or another type, and a small minority who appear almost exclusively to one type, in other words, pure left or right-brained.

Why would it matter to trainers?

Well a couple of reasons I can think of…

The theory may well not stand up to modern scientific scrutiny, but it has been around for quite a time, and retains some currency, as it describes types that are quite recognisable to many people.

I find it a helpful aid in both training design (knowing that head and heart people have distinct needs as learners) and in working with groups – as I have had a few training gigs with strong left and right leaning people who have clashed!

Coming at things from quite different directions, they can feel as if the other is speaking in a different language! Helping to defuse and gain some mutual understanding, I have explained the left-right concept a few times, and (thus far at least, as there’s always the next encounter!) to good effect.

You may place little store in the theory, but if you find it useful, there are a couple of online tests you can try out to identify whether you lean left or right…

Left-Right Brain Test “scientifically validated”


(I scored 46% left-brain, 54% right-brain, took me 10 minutes)

Are you Right or Left Brained?


(I scored 55% left-brain, 45% right-brain, took me 5 minutes)

And I’m a Libran too, go figure!

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