As the year draws towards its end, I’ve been looking back over the past few months…

It really has been a busy time. Not that I am complaining. I appreciate the opportunities I am given and the many privileges of my trade. There are few greater pleasures than contributing in some way to the learning, development and growth of people and organisations (a more challenging proposition!).

It all started with delivery of a national programme of Train the Trainer courses in Glasgow, Perth and Edinburgh for Carers Trust Scotland, and the National Carer Organisations.

From mid-May through the summer and early autumn, I was immersed in design and delivery of induction training for the Independent Living Fund Scotland, a new and highly significant organisation on the Scottish landscape.

Then there was an Equality Training Programme for two Edinburgh Housing Associations; Manor Estate and Prospect Community Housing.

And there were a few smaller gigs here and there too, all now tucked under my belt, as another varied year of enlightening (and yes, occasionally challenging) experiences nears its end.

All good stuff for sure, but only half of the story, as much has been going on behind the scenes too.

With all hands to the pump at Changing Mindz, we have been busily preparing CPD Accredited blended learning programmes, including Train the Trainers (and non-trainers) and Facilitation and Groups to offer as open courses in 2016.

And it all kicks off with Train the Trainers courses in Edinburgh, Inverness and Dundee in the New Year.

More to follow…

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