When Tony and I met on the Coaching Course at Newcastle Business School in 2011/12 we found a number of things in common – so when it came to having a conversation about a possible collaboration at the end of 2015 I was interested in the prospect of what type of learning opportunity we could develop.

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Our conversations on the coaching course had often led to the examination of our experiences of leadership within our professional roles and we both felt that many are called but few were enabled.

We felt that managers were often equipped to manage and lead on policies and procedures but rarely given the opportunity to explore their own leadership development.

We have experienced different leadership roles within the healthcare sector but, probably more importantly, we have both for many years been listening to people leading and managing in the human services and realised that relational skills are assumed rather than explicitly developed.

There are many assumptions made around team leadership and often expert practitioners can find significant challenges when it comes to ensuring cohesive and functional working relationships.

Managers can also find themselves inheriting deep seated issues that they are meant to magically “sort out” and this can lead to tensions both personally and professionally if folk aren’t supported well.

We believe that the course we have developed provides a unique opportunity for participants to gain a great deal from peer review and also participate in post-course discussions that provide a platform for “checking out” recent learning and skills development.

Building resourceful and resilient staff is increasingly seen as an essential underpinning value in successful organisations and this course provides participants with some insights, tools and techniques to build that capacity and capability.

Leadership and management roles are seen as crucial to organisational effectiveness but the individuals themselves may well benefit significantly from time and space to ask questions about taken for granted aspects of their roles and relationships.

Further course information, details of the extended programme of learning and support we offer, and booking instructions are available on Changing Mindz’ website. Click here for details 

 Sue Spencer

Collaborative Partner, Changing Mindz

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