One thing I picked up early on as a freelancer was the need to keep developing and improving, as Resting on Laurels doesn’t cut it for very long in the freelance world.

Fortunately, the need to improve is a strong personal driver, and I have kept at developing and diversifying, in an evolutionary, continuing-to-improve kind of way, over the years.

Some developments have been proactive; others in response to circumstances, often coming in the form of either an opportunity, or a challenge to overcome.

But in 2016, the changes we are undergoing feel more Revolution than Evolution!

They are essentially on three fronts:

  • CPD provider status
  • True collaborations
  • Digital learning

While each is significant in its own way, they are entirely related. Let’s take them one at a time, before returning to this point…

CPD Provider Status

Each of the professions has its own continuing professional development requirements.

We recently signed up with the CPD Standards Office, and Changing Mindz achieved CPD Provider Status with the successful accreditation of our first programme in January 2016, Learning and Development Skills for Professional People.

“Accreditation with our evidence-based system denotes positive reputation and credibility.

This is because all our accreditations are assessed by third parties.

They use criteria based on large scale research projects and their assessment methodology is also steered by an expert advisory board.

All of this will give your clients and delegates the assurance you want them to have…”

CPD Standards Office


 And there are more to follow…

Fruitful Partnerships

These CPD programmes are being developed and designed in true collaborative style with very Able Partners who share some keen interests and expertise, yet whose knowledge, skills and expertise greatly complement my own.

Adding rigour to the development process, this co-producing approach seriously adds value to the final product. Among the many benefits of this approach, each programme will be co-delivered by two trainers with expertise in the topic areas, and shared ownership of the content. How cool is that?

Catherine Eadie is founder of MHSCOT Workplace Wellbeing CIC, Scotland’s first Social Enterprise focusing on Stress Prevention and Mental Health Intervention in the workplace.

We are co-designing a Managing Mental Health at Work programme for managers, supervisors and team leaders

Jo Huband is an experienced trainer and facilitator with a background in international development, who specialises in train the trainer, facilitation training and small enterprise development.

We are currently designing an Introduction to Facilitation Skills programme.

Sue Spencer is a vastly experienced educator, facilitator and writer, with a background in Higher Education. Sues interests lie in collaborative learning, coaching conversations and cultural change through enquiry and creative thinking.

We are working up two programmes;

  • Improving Relationships for Effective Leadership
  • Facilitation, Groups and “Difficult” Delegates

And we’re just getting started. There is more to come…

Digital Learning

I will spare you the technical details, but suffice to say we have embraced Digital Learning. As well as being able to accept online bookings and payments for our, we can now provide CPD programme participants with access to a wide range of digital learning resources that support and supplement the course content. We can also conduct learning needs assessments online, track learner progress, and support online interaction between programme participants, and directly with the trainers. We can provide progress reports, recommend further learning, and provide friendly nudges to take the learning back to work AND put it into practice.

Pawel Stachowiak is a vital cog in the wheel. As our digital developer and IT administrator, Pawel provides the technical know-how, and practical support and guidance to ensure the smooth running of our digital world.


I spoke earlier about how these three elements relate to each other, and I hope it is becoming evident that, taken as a whole, they add up to more than the sum of their parts.

(And if it isn’t evident, dinnae fash yersel because…)

Next up, I’ll tell you more about these CPD Programmes and the Learning and Practice GAPS we are aiming to address.

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