Sole trading can be a lonely gig, and the opportunity to collaborate with other independent trainers and consultants is always a welcome one.

Having said that, not every attempt we have made to collaborate with others has borne the promised fruit.

But in the process, there has been so much learning. And as many commentators observe success is often borne from the ashes of previous failures.

I was doing some research into collaborative business models and came across a description of “true collaboration” that struck a chord:


As a sole trader, collaborations certainly add significant benefits when they work well.

This has guided me in developing my own trial-and-error approach to developing collaborative partnerships, with the advantage in mind.

Independence is a blessing in so many ways, and I wouldn’t change it willingly. However, it is not without its drawbacks, most notably in terms of capacity, one of the greater challenges of working alone…

Edited by Sahara Choudhury

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