I embarked on a new venture when I set up Changing Mindz, leaving behind the relative security of paid employment, and becoming a freelance trainer. In some ways it seems only yesterday, in others it feels a lifetime ago. In fact it was July 2007.

Reflecting back, it’s been quite a journey. I have had opportunities to do some really interesting pieces of work. Training has been a big element throughout, but there has been so much more.

I’ve worked with a fair few other trainers and consultants over the years too, where the complexity or scale of the project demanded it, or the involvement of others gave added value to the work at hand. But in the main, I have ploughed my own furrow.

A mountain of experience and a whole heap of learning…

Clients Include

One of the very best things about working independently is the flexibility and freedom it has given me TO LEARN, TO ADAPT, TO CHANGE THINGS UP AND TO IMPROVE.

That is not to say such processes are easy, or without challenges, but they are largely unfettered by the many well-recognised constraints so commonly identified in organisational change, such as resistance, disengagement, lack of leadership, “winners and losers”.

Funnily enough (awkward Segway I know!), Big Changes are underway at Changing Mindz at this very time, including some really exciting collaborations with excellent people around shared interests and expertise. Learn more on our website.

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