It wasn’t so very long ago that training, facilitation and coaching (each being a discipline in its own right) skills were seen to be the preserve of specialists.

But the times they are changing …

I’ve been an independent trainer, facilitator, coach and mentor for nearly a decade now. And over that time there has been a massive change.

It seems almost everywhere I go these days, I encounter professional people who, in addition to fulfilling the core requirements of their role, are also now expected to turn their hand to training or facilitating. This may be a regular feature of the role, or on an as-required basis.

And the ability to coach and mentor, rather than just “line-manage” or “supervise” are becoming must-have skills for professionals, particularly those in management positions, although not exclusively, given the development or education of others is a fairly standard expectation in the professions.

Some rise brilliantly to the challenge; aided perhaps by a natural aptitude, or a pre-existing interest in learning and developing others…

For others (and I have met a fair few), the very prospect of having to manage a group situation is likely to invoke their fight or flight response.

And some give it their very best shot, while very likely knowing it could be a whole lot better…

If this speaks to you in any way…

We are ever so excited in our brand new offering; a CPD accredited programme that brings together the essential skills and practices of professional facilitators, trainers and coaches/mentors, in one neatly packaged, practical 3-day course.

The course is specifically designed for professionals who have a secondary role in training, facilitating or coaching/mentoring and would like to take their capability and confidence to a new level.


Watch this space in the New Year, early-doors!

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