More than just “working together”  

Expecting to reap the benefit from a collaboration just because we are drawn to the notion that “two minds are better than one” is wishful thinking.

If it were that simple we’d all be out there doing it already surely?

And I’d be spending my time on something else entirely!

There is no magic formula to guarantee a collaboration works. However, I am growing to appreciate that when pursuing the collaborative advantage as a sole trader, the recipe for success hinges on a cocktail mix. The ingredients include shared values, personal qualities as well as the essential skills and capabilities of each individual.

This is a recipe that can vary, but if mixed well, can make collaboration truly work; a topic we shall explore further.

We only need to reflect on the teams we’ve worked in, and colleagues we’ve worked alongside, to recognise that collaborative chemistry is no given…

Slide includes: 4 cyclists in a line racing perfectly in sync, to be as streamlined and resistant to wind as possible. This symbolizes individuals working together well, to achieve a collaborative advantage that benefits the group and achieves a common goal.

The recipe

To be effective, collaborations involve finding ways of working that

  • Play well to individual strengths
  • Tap into the complementary knowledge & skills
  • Benefit from the differences in experience and perspective

To produce something of greater value than one, two or several could ever do, acting alone.


Edited by Sahara Choudhury

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