True collaboration is more a way of working together than a formal business structure.

Upon doing some research, one article really grabbed my attention: “True Collaboration Is a Partnership: Six Ingredients for Making It So” (see footnotes).

The author Thomas Kayser spent 30 years working with Xerox. He describes a late-in-the-day career encounter with “true collaboration” in a team setting.

Enthused by the richly different quality of TRUE collaborative spirit, Kayser was particularly taken by the tangible benefits that seemed to go all-around for the employees, the company and the customers.

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Reflecting on what made the experience so distinctly different, Kayser identified two key ingredients that in his view enabled the true collaboration.

  • The Right Behaviours; in other words, the values, attitudes and practices for true collaboration to flourish
  • The Structures or “Mechanics of the Collaboration”

The mechanics can vary depending on the purpose of the collaboration, but the behaviours required to breathe life into and sustain the collaboration are constants.



True Collaboration Is a Partnership: Six Ingredients for Making It So (April, 2014) Thomas Kayser Blog post at

Edited by Sahara Choudhury

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