The National Carer Organisation (NCO) are a not for profit who represent carers and the social care sector in the UK.


The overarching objective was to improve the quality of carer training. Funded by the Scottish Government, we were asked to put together a series of training courses with the aim of increasing the capability and confidence of voluntary sector trainers who are responsible for training carers to better equip them for the role.


We designed and delivered a series of four-day, ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes. We also put in place a continuous learning framework with pre and post-evaluation to maximise the value of the programme and ensure the learnings were implemented.

Feedback from participants was extremely positive. They praised the course content, and the delivery was described as “The perfect balance of leadership, support and prompting”.

NCO were suitably impressed by the results as to commission a second phase in 2015, rolling the programme out to cities across Scotland.

  • Carolyn Stenhouse

    An inspirational trainer and a first class consultant, Tony is stunning in his ability to cut to the chase, see it and say it as it is and bring people with him on that journey…

    Carolyn Stenhouse
  • Peter McIntyre

    Confident, thorough and professional, Tony has an understanding of people that gets the best out of his audience.

    Peter McIntyre Equality Manager, NHS National Services Scotland
  • Debbie Booth

    Responsive, insightful and expert, Tony’s knowledge of mental health, equality and diversity, and their relationship to our workforce… is second to none.

    Debbie Booth Senior Officer, Dundee City Council
  • Sandra Caldwell

    Affable and highly professional, from our first informal chats to ascertain exactly what we required, Tony delivered a session that perfectly met our needs!

    Sandra Caldwell Equality Officer, NHS (Northern Ireland)
  • Lara Moir

    Tony's approach combines enormous personal warmth with professionalism and a thorough, experience-based knowledge... If you want your training to have an impact, I would recommend him...

    Lara Moir Chief Executive, Craigowl Communities
  • Alister Reid

    Tony worked to a tight deadline… to produce an Evaluation of one of our services. His ability to extract relevant information from individuals and groups is second to none…

    Alister Reid Online Training and Social Media Coordinator, Carers Link East Dunbartonshire

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