Training the Trainers PLUS (T4T01)
The Whole Cake

If creative training design and delivery were the cake-topping, creative measures would form the base. One without the other and the cake is incomplete. No matter how tasty the topping the absence of the base is one of several reasons the “training doesn’t work” view is so prevalent.

The training function combines topping and base to ensure training is constructively aligned with learner needs and organisational goals, and measures are in place to evaluate the worth of the training and assess the returns on expectations and investment down-the-line.

Why this course?

Training the Trainers PLUS addresses a development gap for new established trainers.

The programme steps up-some-levels from standard T4T courses, with extended opportunities for learning, support, assessment and collaboration online.

Who should attend?

As the course deals with professional training practices it will be of relevance to new and established trainers keen to build know-how and boost confidence in creative design & deliver AND to utilise assessment and evaluation to demonstrate training impact.


T4T PLUS provides all the ingredients needed to bake the training cake. Participants will on completing the programme have enhanced capability and confidence to;

  • Identify learning needs using formal and informal methods
  • Creatively design high-impact training that caters to differing learning preferences
  • Draw from an expanded toolkit of training and facilitation strategies and skills, methods and techniques to engage and involve learners
  • Evaluate and review training with purpose, using a variety of methods
  • Assess learning progression
  • Enable learning transfer

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