Equality and Diversity PLUS

The course is set within an extended programme of support, learning and assessment, before and after attendance. Pre-assessment results allow the delivery to be tailored to the needs of the learners and the client.

Course outline

facilitates discussion of BIG THEMES such as; inclusion and exclusion; power and oppression; stereotyping and assumptions, and barriers to equality of worth, process, opportunity and outcome. The discussion is framed in wider context of society extending beyond the provisions of equality law (the Protected Characteristics).

The afternoon session turns to unpicking Prejudice and Bias; we take at a snapshot view of current social attitudes (using an interactive quiz) as a prelude to examining why we (humans) have prejudices (and ‘hidden bias’s), where these ideas come from, and particularly how they can manifest.

Day 2 begins by inviting learners to dig a little deeper, through consideration of personal experiences, influences and outlook on matters of equality and difference. The aim is to facilitate a deeper level of understanding and critical thinking.

The remainder of the day is focused on practice. We revisit the legal essentials as these provide the leverage for promoting equality and challenging prejudice, and consider ways of putting the case for equality in a compelling way.

We end with a session on challenges and opportunities, providing space for the group to discuss strategies and tactics, share ideas and identify Guiding Principles in going forward.

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