Working Well across Cultures

As workforces and customer-bases become more diverse and businesses seek new internal, international and global market opportunities, the ability to adapt and communicate well in different cultural contexts and settings will only grow in value.

Working Well Across Cultures provides an essential introduction to  culture and cultural differences with practical principles that can be applied in business (and other cultural encounters and exchanges) to aid understanding, enable effective communication and reap the benefits.

Why this course?

Whether doing business on an international, intercontinental or global scale, employing or working with people from around the world (or travelling) it makes good sense to be more aware of the differences that exist between cultures. Becoming more attuned to how cultural differences manifest in business, workplace and service settings can enhance team working, client relationships and the customer experience, helping ensure business success in a rapidly changing, competitive world.



Developing intercultural awareness can contribute to the expansion of business beyond traditional cultural boundaries, attracting new customer groups, markets and business partners and increasing the potential for business growth and profit. Having culturally aware staff helps businesses to operate effectively and efficiently by ensuring an open-minded, adaptable and collaborative working environment, and high levels of customer satisfaction and retention across cultural bounds.

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