Introduction to Facilitation Skills (FS01)

Facilitation is the art of making it easier for groups to communicate effectively and work well together. Facilitators assist groups to set strategy, plan, review and evaluate, problem-solve, analyse and prioritise, generate new ideas and more. Facilitation is often used to mediate or address conflict constructively.

Why this course?

While some trainers may still adhere to “chalk n talk” methods, many now employ a more facilitative style, seeking to engage and involve the group as active learners rather than passive participants.

Whatever the task at hand, effective facilitation can be the difference that makes the world of difference to the quality of participation and collaborative effort, and result in improved outcomes for the group.


This programme aims to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills for facilitating groups through form to perform, and the confidence to apply and adapt their facilitation skills in different contexts.

Introduction to Facilitation Skills (FS01) was co-designed with Jo Huband, an independent trainer, facilitator, coach and collaborative partner.

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