Leaders Briefing

The Leader’s Briefing (2.5 hours) provides a compelling business case for promoting wellbeing and tackling stress at work.

This Leader’s Briefing pitches a compelling argument for change and provide participants with the opportunity to simple-assess their own organisation, identify where things are going well, which areas of the business need attention, and formulate some first-step action points going forward to build commitment.

Why this course?

The emphasis of the pitch varies in accord with the audience, context and setting.
However, there are aspects of the Case For that would feature in some way, such as;

  • The Incidence for example absenteeism is higher in the public sector and lower in the private sector, but the impact of absence is felt more keenly in SME’s
  • The Impact toll on staff, managers, colleagues, the business…
  • The Costs tangibles, intangibles, of doing nothing…
  • The Benefits of a different approach
  • It can be delivered as a stand-alone session

It can be tailored to needs and client
It can be extended…

Who should attend?
  • Business owners
  • Organisational leaders
  • Board members
  • Senior management team

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