Learning & Development Skills for Professional People (PS01)
CPD-certified Course

This CPD-certified 3-day course is for occasional* trainers, facilitators, coaches or mentors who want to develop their knowledge, skills and effectiveness in the arts of people and group development.

*by this we mean managers, professionals, practitioners who are expected to turn-their-hand to developing individuals and/or groups as an extension to their primary role.

Why this course?

It wasn’t so very long ago that people development was seen to be the role of “specialists” but times have changed. More and more, professionals are expected to excel in their primary function AND turn-their-hand to enabling the development of others.

For example, many managers are expected to be able to utilise a coaching approach that runs counter to traditional line management…

Some rise brilliantly to that challenge, possibly aided by a natural aptitude for engaging groups or guiding individuals. For others, while hugely capable in their primary role, find people-development a less-comfortable fit.

Who should attend?

Hopeful, hesitant or reluctant, if you have a secondary or occasional role as a people-developer and want to boost your confidence and build-up your know-how muscles, then this course is for you.


All forms of people development involve the ability to identify and assess needs, to design, deliver and evaluate solutions. Grasping these essential skills, and how to utilise different skill-sets and approaches will enhance your people-developer practice and the impact of your interventions.

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