Managing Mental Health at Work
Managing Mental Health

Managing Mental Health at Work is a one-day course for people managers, supported by an extended programme of learning

Why this course?

Stress is now the NUMBER 1 cause of workplace absence in the UK. Managers have a pivotal role to play in reducing the impact of work-related stress and mental health problems.

And yet managers often feel poorly equipped to take a proactive approach to wellbeing at work and support staff effectively when needed.

Managers spend significant amounts of time managing absence, and even more dealing with the effects of presenteeism (staff at work but not fully functioning).

Who should attend?

Anyone with a responsibility for managing others – including senior, middle and frontline managers, team leaders or supervisors – would benefit from attendance.

  • A Practical Guide to the Law
  • Putting the Case for the mentally healthy workplace
  • Disclosure and challenging Stigma
  • Managing and Supporting Staff
  • Action Planning; What Next?

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