Mental Health in the Workplace
Mental Health

Mental health and stress related issues have long been factors in lost productivity and staff absence with serious implications in the smooth running of operations from large corporations to SMEs. For some employer’s absenteeism has become such a part of the furniture that its costs are anticipated year-on-year, and its impact absorbed.

Presenteeism (at work but not fully functioning) is not so easy to calculate, but its impact on performance and productivity is estimated to be even greater. A healthier, more motivated and productive workforce is surely an attractive proposition for any business.

Employers are starting to appreciate the issue although too few have taken effective action to deal with it as yet.

So what can you do to ensure your business is operating efficiently and still prioritising staff wellbeing?

There are 4 CPD-Certified courses that can be tailored to your needs:


Get in touch with us to discuss implementing a Mental Health Training Programme that aims to:

  • Train your staff in identifying mental health conditions, signs and symptoms
  • Become familiar with the Law and workplace policies
  • Be knowledgeable on preventative and harm reduction methods
  • Be advocates for good mental health, building trusting teams and resilient managers

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