Relationships for Effective Leadership

Relationships for Effective Leadership is a CPD-Certified two-day course for leaders (see below).

Why this course?

Traditional approaches to leadership development rarely provide the time and space to explore the relational aspects of leadership. Relationships for Effective Leadership aims to address this gap.

The course provides participants with a safe-setting in which to explore leadership roles, relationships and work-based communications with a view to improving inter-relational skills and enhancing personal effectiveness.

Who should attend?

The course will be of interest to senior or middle management teams, frontline managers, team leaders and supervisors who

  • Recognise the quality of work-based relationships and interactions are pivotal to both business and personal success, and
  • want to enhance personal and team effectiveness.

We anticipate Relationships for Effective Leadership will have a particular appeal to those working in the human services, health, social services and education.

  • More insightful, resourceful and resilient leaders and managers
  • Deeper understanding of personal motivations and needs
  • Improved self-management and self-regulating skills
  • Enhanced awareness of the role and impact of relationships on workplace well-being
  • Positive influence on team function
  • Increased capability and confidence to develop leadership strengths, and positively contribute to team function

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