Staff Awareness
Wellbeing, Mental Health & Stress;

“Wellbeing, Mental Health & Stress; awareness, response-ability for staff” is an awareness-raising and response-ability promoting workshop designed for employees.

Why this course?

Reducing the impact of stress and mental health problems in UK workplaces has become one of the most pressing issues of the day for employers across sectors. Managers spend significant amounts of time managing absence, and even more dealing with the effects of presenteeism (staff at work but not fully functioning).

Who should attend?

The workshop is of relevance to all employee, whatever sector or size of business / organisation, if subject to UK health and safety and equality law.  


Promoting wellbeing and tackling stress in-tandem may not provide the whole answer, but it will make a hugely positive difference. Essential to the effort, employers will want to get employees on board.

This session advises staff of their legal rights and provides vital information on keeping well at work, recognising signs and symptoms, seeking help early and looking out for colleagues.

The workshop covers the employee essentials; what is wellbeing and why is it so important at work; what are stress and mental health problems and their affects; legal / worker rights; stigma and the reluctance to disclose, and recovery planning.

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